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Smallholders (<50 acres) and non-voting larger landowners

The biodiversity and climate crises is here and now, but you can play a part in the solution by investing in a step-change for nature through WDW’s membership network - whether you steward 1 acre or 2,000+.

Together, we can create profoundly positive mutual benefits as landowners, farmers and land-managers work together to protect West Dorset from the effects of flooding, drought and pollution.

(Individuals and families are welcome to join us too as West Dorset Wilders.)

Smallholder < 50 acres or non-voting landowner >50 acre fees

This category is for those with landholdings of under 50 acres - smallholders or similar - and those with over 50 acres who do not wish to become full voting members yet.  For smallholders, the fees are £4/mo - so £48per year, and for those over 50 acres, £8/mo, so £96 per year.  You can pay directly using the donorbox at the bottom of the page.

Benefits include...
  • Joining a national exemplar of landowner-led local action for nature restoration

  • Being a member will enable you to be a key part of a network of like-minded landowners and land managers all working for the benefit of nature in Dorset

  • Opportunities to join and shape large funding bids for natural process-led restoration or or regenerative agriculture in West Dorset

  • Landowner member only eventand smallholder network, advice and communications, including site visits, webinars and fireside meetings

  • Altruistic benefits from supporting a cause that is very much at the heart of your life and business

  • Use of the West Dorset Wilding logo in your communications and marketing

How to pay as a non-voting member

You can pay directly using the donorbox form below.

Non-voting landowner

Membership Ts&Cs

Please note that WDW may refuse an application for membership if they believe that it is in the best interests of the CIO for them to do so; If so, we will give the applicant their reasons for doing so, within 21 days of the decision being taken, and give the applicant the opportunity to appeal against the refusal.


New members will be legally classed as voting members (50+ acres) and associate members (1-49 acres). Members will receive terms of membership upon joining; alternatively, please contact us if you would like to discuss the terms of membership.


Membership donations may be eligible for Gift Aid or tax-relief; information provided here is a guide only; members should seek their own advice as to their donation’s eligibility based on their own tax circumstances.


WDW retains the right to reject support from any organisation or individual whose objectives or activities are incompatible with our own objectives and values. No staff/contractors receive commission on funds raised.

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