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We have already started work on two different projects, which are summarised below.  We will also be looking to work on projects that reconnect people more with nature, through linking them to rewilding and other ecosystem restoration schemes. More details about these projects will be here soon.

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We would like to establish a partnership of farmers, landowners and agencies to develop a large-scale landscape recovery project in the wider Brit Catchment.  The intention is to build a coalition of the willing to undertake large-scale extensive wilding, smaller scale natural process led interventions, reintroduction if appropriate and fully regenerative agriculture, which together will increase biodiversity, improve soil, water and air quality, sequester carbon and prevent soil loss, flooding and drought.


The project would not seek to stop agricultural production in the catchment but work towards more extensive and ‘wild’ approaches to meat production, and regenerative approaches to both grazing and arable land.  Moreover, it would look to sell natural, or ecosystem products, including flood and drought prevention, better water quality, biodiversity gain and carbon gain, all of which we would look to cost and fund through ELMs (if possible) and/or emerging natural capital markets.

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Beavers are coming back to the waterways of England, and we want to consider whether it would be a good decision to reintroduce them as an open release to the Brit Catchment.  The government are currently considering whether open releases will be allowed and what conditions would such a release need to follow.  


We want to talk to people from across the catchment and further afield to get their views about this idea.  We will also be gathering evidence about the potential impact, benefits and complications that might result from this work, and presenting that as part of the consultation.

This work has started so you can find out more about it here.

For more details, or if you want to get involved, please contact us. Thanks.

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