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Brit Catchment Natural Flood Management Project

Volunteer Coordinator - summer 2024

Dorset National Landscape (DNL) have secured funding in principle for a project across the Brit catchment that will reduce flood risk in Beaminster, Netherbury, and Bridport. The purpose of the project is to look at the effectiveness of Natural Flood Management, while also looking to see if we can reduce the management burden on Bridport’s flood defences and enhance nature.

West Dorset Wilding are managing a part of this project and are looking for an experienced volunteer cordinator to undertake some work for us this summer.

We can offer a total of £6,400 including any VAT  for someone to undertake this work - about 16-20 days depending on day rate.  if this all goes well there will be more scope for work over the next couple of years.

All details are available on this brief.

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